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Love Is No ratings yet.

Love is ?

That’s a great question what exactly is love ?

You can’t touch it

You can’t feel it

You can’t taste it

You can’t smell it

You can’t see it

It’s a complete non entity

Yet it exists without question

” Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.Martin Luther King Jnr

I’ve heard people say ” I love you ”

I love you as a friend

I love you like a brother

I love you like a sister

When people are dating they use the term constantly

” I love you ” ” I love you more ” ” I love you more than life itself ”

Yet as soon as the relationship ends they say how much they hated the person or they behave in such a way that it contradicts the so called love they professed to have

This leads to the question was it truly love or was it just words that people love to say to make themselves believe it was something special

I can understand someone who was in an abusive relationship. They loved the person when they first met but grew to hate them due to the abuse. That’s a no brainer

What I don’t understand is the person who loves you passionately then switches on a dime to the most venomous harpy you could ever meet once the relationship has ended

My impression is they never truly loved the person or even understand the concept of love

They repeat the word parrot fashion

” I love you ”

Alas they don’t really believe it , I think it’s a hope that if they say it enough it will be true

In this day and age there are words that we over use and actions we do but don’t mean sincerely

” l love you ” is one such statement

” lm sorry ” is another

The kiss on two cheeks when you meet someone ?? Get the **** off me I don’t know where your mouths been

Four words ” Homey don’t play that ”

In case you missed it that’s a pop culture reference. A classic quote from Homey D Clown ( google him )

Tying the whole thing together in summation

We as people need to stop portraying a fake exterior and think before we use words , gestures or behaviour that we either don’t understand, can’t comprehend or don’t mean

I’m old school the words I say I say with sincerity.

If a relationship doesn’t workout I don’t turn on the person wishing them ill.

The love will always be there but I’m good at burying the feelings inside myself ( that’s the Vulcan inside of me ) ( yeah sue me I’m a geek ) lol

Sincerity is the biggest form of flattery

Honesty is the only thing we have as people

Add the two together and you can’t go wrong

It’s the basic code of life sincere and honest

Final word

Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.
Washington Irving

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I wish I could fly No ratings yet.

? I’m a computer tech who hates computers

First I need to connect my WooCommerce shop to Facebook shop

lol and behold the plugin which used to work requires root access via the cPanel of my site host ( headache )

Go daddy doesn’t provide cPanel access but I can use ftp ( errrrr no bigger headache takes too long )

So big brain thinks

“ Mmmm !!!! “

What if I create a product RSS data feed

Eureka !!!!!!

Install the plugin to WordPress run it and bam feed created

Go to Facebook create catologue 15 items but life is not that simple

When I create the catolgue it makes 409 items every size colour and variation of each item ( which I don’t need ) plus it puts the full price not the sale price

Add to that the fact it says there’s an error in the catologue as it not pulling the google product category data

Welcome to Steve’s world beware of the first step it’s a doozy

I really should have went gym this morning it would have pumped more blood round my brain ?

Suffice to say I’m now in a hot bath thinking of the scene from Peter Pan when the children have to think of a happy place

I wonder if I think enough happy thoughts will I be able to fly ???

Anyway bath done getting ready to take my mother to hospital for an appointment

Yes I know what your thinking ” on a Sunday ” yep that’s what they do now Saturday and Sunday appointments ( really I use Sunday for vegging out now the NHS is taking that away from me

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A New Dawn No ratings yet.

New year New dawn 

I’m not really one for starting things for the new year 

I’m generally if your going to do something just do it type of guy

Anyway I’ve wiped my original blog and I’ve decided to rewrite it but adding more of what makes me who I am 

You can kiss all the grammar goodbye as I’ll be writing as I speak fast without thinking ( lol ) 

I’ll let Siri take care of the spelling and grammar 

I kind of realise where I was going wrong with the whole blogging thing 

I like writing , giving my opinion , my views on the world but I begun reading to much about blogging, started emulating other bloggers. 

Trying to be witty instead of my usual cynical sarcastic self 

I was also writing to much instead of making it bitesized Chunks that people can digest 

So here we are Diary Of A Dumb Blogger 2.0 smaller , more compact , with a hint of my ghetto fabulous street sarcasm ( watch this space ) 

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