8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

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8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

Yoga is not something like stretching but through strength and flexibility, it creates balance in the body. Continued yoga practise makes the body strong, flexible and improves respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and hormonal systems function.

There are a number of differently named yoga asanas (poses) that include standing postures, seated twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions, and core holds.

1. Reduces stress, and improves mood

Yoga practice helps boost the level of oxygen in the brain that lowers the stress and makes you happier. Yoga encourages you to relax and slow your breath, so you can focus on the present.

2. Confidence builds

In reality, the act of meditation can boost your confidence by releasing tension from your mind. It helps you to establish an internal connexion with yourself without any forms of anxiety so that you can feel confident about your body.

3. Reduces risk of injury

Exercise, such as running, involves an increased risk of injury and increased tension in the muscles. Yoga is focused on balancing that activity. Yoga unites both the body and mind and thereby helps you to transform in an injury-free, safer way that results.

4. Helps to weight loss

The constant stress is a significant contributor to weight gain. Practising yoga daily helps you to bring a profound sense of calm to both your body and mind, allowing you to feel relaxed and making you lose weight naturally. Sun Salutations with Yoga and Kapal Bharti pranayama are ways to help you lose weight.

5. Increases posture and versatility

Continued yoga practise makes your body strong, flexible and supple. Practice yoga tones and makes body muscles strong. This also helps enhance body balance while you’re sitting, standing, sleeping or walking. This, in effect, will allow you to relieve body pain due to incorrect posture.

6. Builds confidence in muscles

Yoga helps make the muscle tone better. Not only do solid muscles look good but they also help us from back pain and arthritis.

7. Breathes well and reduces blood pressure

Thanks to the deep breathing process, consistent yoga practise will increase your lung capacity. It will also help to boost your stamina and endurance in sports. In addition, asanas meditation and yoga slow down the heart rate , which in turn decreases blood pressure.

8. The blood supply increases

Yoga asanas make the blood flow. The yoga relaxation exercises help you circulate properly in your body. Yoga also gives the cells more oxygen and functions better as a result.

The benefit of yoga is that anywhere, on your own or with other yoga lovers, it can be done pretty much. If you’ve been inspired to give a go to yoga, there’s no better place to try it than on a stunning yoga vacation.

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