800 Words


800 words

I’ve been watching a tv program called 800 words hence the title.

I am completely fascinated by it

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The premise of the program is about a Sydney newspaper columnist whose wife dies and he decides to quit his job and move to New Zealand with his two kids. He finds a job on a local newspaper and submits the column of the above mentioned “800 words”

Why am I bothering to go into all this detail about a tv program

I love it the humour the dialog the idea of saying something constructive in just 800 words

So after binge-watching all 3 seasons. I’ve decided to take a journey to crazy town and like any resident of the aforementioned town of which I am the founder member ( and probably the only resident )

I’ve decided to try to blog in no more than 800 words

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Yeah like no one saw that coming

The problem with me and that bright idea is either I have way too much to say about absolutely nothing

That’s what happens when I get on my soapbox about an issue that really annoys the crap out of me

Or alternatively, I have way too

little to say about somethings

That happens when I get to that point where I realise talking isn’t going to change the situation

Anyway going back to the subject of my blog

I will be covering my health, my fight with depression, my problems with the injustices in the world and anything else that takes my fancy

I’m hoping what I have to write about will be informative, insightful

Take now for example so far going by the word count I’ve written exactly one hundred and eighty-eight words

And I’m already finding it hard to think of what more I’d like to say

So this is probably going to be a very short-lived experiment