A Bridge too Far

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A Bridge too Far


Right. I’m back and this is episode two. Now I’ve got to be very careful what I say because I’m not allowed to use any kind of profanities, but some of this stuff, God, I mean, it really irks me how people are.

Now, you know, that we under this, social distancing, we’re under lockdown. if all the people were to stay in the house for two weeks.

And basically the virus has no one to infect. So the infection rate would fall. Then we can all go back out again. All you’d need to do, lockdown the airports as well. All you have is essential services going up by essential services. I mean, doctors, nurses, school teachers police, ambulance, fire, people running the power stations, et cetera.

Those are essential people. But a lockdown down needs to be maintained. And that in a moment, I don’t know if people have got like one brain cell, it’s just showing this, this whole virus thing. The corvid thing is shown, the types of people in society, and it has shown the split between them there are the people who care, who’ve gone above and beyond to do things for people.

And then you have the people who are. Basically so selfish. All they think about themselves and those are the people that will get ill and then say, Oh, the government’s not doing this right. The government’s not doing that. Right. I need medical help. I need this. You need to do this for me. It’s their fault when it’s not.

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It’s basically because they are so selfish. They only think about themselves. Now, why am I so irked it’s a specific thing that happened that got me peed off.

Now I’m in England. So basically every first day we have this clap for heroes, which is where you celebrate all the people, the NHS, the carers that look after people in the homes.

All the people that are providing essential services, everyone comes out of their house at eight o’clock and we all clap and we bang pans, et cetera, to celebrate those heroes. Now Thursday just gone. I saw a video in a newspaper, which is the evening standard, which is a local London paper that we get in the video.

You can see people standing on Westminster bridge, hundreds of people. The police are there as well. Why? They didn’t clear them away. I don’t know. These people were not observing any kind of social distancing. They were clapping and they were taking pictures, they were making videos and they were doing all of that kind of stuff.

But come on, if you’re saying that you’re celebrating the heroes and the people that are out there putting their lives on the line, and why are you not observing social distance in, it’s ridiculous. And if you think you’re supporting them by having an action like this, then you’re not, what you’re doing is making their job even more difficult.

Because say, for example, let’s extrapolate it to a ridiculous thing. Say everyone on that bridge got infected, then that means everyone on that bridge has the potential to infect. A person in a hospital, NHS, or a person who’s driving a bus or someone who’s doing something else. Someone who’s essential.

So come on, can’t people take the time? Stop. Think about what you’re doing. Think about the people around you. Think about, about how your actions impact those people, and then say, do you know what? This is wrong. I shouldn’t be here. Now, for me personally, you could to do the same thing. Hanging out your window, clapping your hands for the heroes, or open your front door.

Stand in your front garden. Clap your hands for the heroes. So come on people, get your act together. Don’t let me have to keep making these kinds of audio recording things, these podcasts, because I hate stupid people. Stop being stupid.

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