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A New Dawn No ratings yet.

New year New dawn 

I’m not really one for starting things for the new year 

I’m generally if your going to do something just do it type of guy

Anyway I’ve wiped my original blog and I’ve decided to rewrite it but adding more of what makes me who I am 

You can kiss all the grammar goodbye as I’ll be writing as I speak fast without thinking ( lol ) 

I’ll let Siri take care of the spelling and grammar 

I kind of realise where I was going wrong with the whole blogging thing 

I like writing , giving my opinion , my views on the world but I begun reading to much about blogging, started emulating other bloggers. 

Trying to be witty instead of my usual cynical sarcastic self 

I was also writing to much instead of making it bitesized Chunks that people can digest 

So here we are Diary Of A Dumb Blogger 2.0 smaller , more compact , with a hint of my ghetto fabulous street sarcasm ( watch this space ) 

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