This is about me

My name is Steve Lewis

I used to be extremely fit

My background was bodybuilding, circuit training and I did martial arts for over 8 years

I used to be in the gym twice a day every day

I felt great the only medical problem I had was asthma, which I had since childhood

That all changed in 2000 when I had a heart attack at 40. It was totally unexpected

Following more test, they found I had diabetes type 2,  suffered from gastro reflux, sleep apnea, vestibular migraine and had a hiatus hernia.

I went into a depression which lasted 13 years. I didn’t leave the house except for hospital appointments

6 years ago I thought I was going to die, I’d put on a lot of weight

I couldn’t walk more than 50 yards without fighting for breath

So I decided if I was going to die, I’d like to do it in the gym at-least trying to get back to a semblance of who I used to be

Going back to the gym was a struggle, not because of the training but because of the people who made you feel like you didn’t belong because of your size

That’s when I discovered a problem that really angered me.

A great many people need and want to go to the gym but for different reasons they cannot

Personal trainers charge a ridiculous amount

• Many gyms are elitist and the clientele make some people feel uncomfortable

• Many trainers don’t have the knowledge needed to train people with medical problems

• The people who really need it cannot afford it

• People who are medically retired need the gym but are still charged full price

I volunteered for 4 years with Tottenham active. Motivation people to become more active

When that project ended

I decided to go on a personal trainer course, I passed

I then did my advanced personal trainer course, I passed

I’m now a qualified level 3 exercise referrals trainer, which means I can train people with a variety of medical problems

At the moment I am studying Level 4 obesity diabetes and weight management specialist course

Since 2019 I’ve been training local people and I’ve never  charged for my services

I train Women, ethnic minorities, people on a low income, people suffering from depression and people who do not have the option to go to the gym

I do all my training in my local park


When the pandemic started I stopped all training but about 2 months ago

One of my neighbours asked me to train her as her health was suffering due to the pandemic I agree

Since then it has kind of exploded, I now have 46 women that I train  and it’s growing daily ( no they don’t all train together )

Everything is done within the government guidelines on training outdoors

At present all the equipment is provided by myself jump ropes resistance bands kettlebells etc

I run 4 classes per day at Bruce Castle Park. Not everyone turns up at the same time


Short term I’m  seeking funding to buy more equipment to make sure I have enough to continue what I’m doing in a safe and productive manner


Long term I’m trying to form a charity that provides free training for all kinds of disadvantaged people

This is my goal because I understand what people have to go through when they have a medical problem

I founded a site called www.slimnastic.com

Which covers fitness, motivation and wellbeing If the model proved successful I will  repeat the same formula again expanding the franchise

I’ve now started a campaign on Gofundme to try to get this project started

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