Baddass Home Boxing Workouts

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Baddass Home Boxing Workouts

It can be beneficial for you to do boxing workouts at home because they will not only strengthen your muscles and bones but also help you to maintain your weight.

Several people have experienced incredible results after having made concerted efforts, and this is why boxing workouts have become so common. Anaerobic, cardio, coordination, endurance and strength training are some of the common exercises in a typical workout scheme.

However, you will be able to build an enviable and amazing physique if you practise boxing at home.

Boxing Workout Routines at Home

If you don’t have time to train in the gym and exercise at home, then the following workout routines for boxing will be ideal for you.

Jumping Rope

Jump rope is not just one of the home’s finest boxing exercises, it’s also a perfect cardiovascular exercise. Jumping rope will warm up your body and in a 60-minute workout, about 1000 calories will be burned. In the following techniques, you can do the jumping rope exercise:-

Arm cross: when you jump the arms cross, swing the rope around while keeping your arms crossed at the level of the waist.

Backward shuffle: In the back shuffle, by extending your feet back, you bend your knees at the right angle.
Bell jump: You’ll just have to jump a few inches back and forth in the bell jump.

Full twister: While twisting your lower body to the right side, you should bounce in full twister.
Foot cross: when you cross your foot, at the first jump you should straddle horizontally, at the second jump you should cross one leg and at the third jump you should leap so that your feet are spread out at the length of your neck.
Forward shuffle: Keep your knees straight in the forward shuffle while extending one of your feet.

Shadow Boxing

In shadowboxing, by practising by yourself, you improve your movement, punches and posture. You should be standing in a room with a light source, facing the wall, and throwing punches at your own shadow to do this boxing workout at home.

Keep your left foot in front of you when you’re right, and make sure your other foot is behind you. Similarly, if left-handed, keep your right foot forward and the other one behind you.

Push-Ups, Sit-ups and Stretching

If you want to do home boxing workouts, pushups, sit-ups and stretches should also be included in your workout routine. Ideally, you can do these exercises in 3-minute or 3-round intervals.

Make sure that your body is straight from your knees to your shoulders when moving. By lowering your body, keep your elbows above your arms. By doing yoga and sit-up exercises, you will be able to shed abdominal fat and tone your abs.


You should practise 4 main types of punches when doing home boxing workouts, which are the cross, jabs, hooks, and the uppercut. The jab is basically a powerful, straight and fast punch from the guard position with your lead hand.

When you practise this punch, you will experience movement in the torso and hips in a clockwise direction. The cross is also a powerful punch, but you are going to use your backhand and the hook is a punch that is used in a semi-circular motion to target the head of an opponent. The uppercut is a vertical, rising punch with your backhand.

Other excellent boxing exercises you can do at home include punching a heavy bag with full energy and abdominal crunches, along with these workouts.

Equipment You Will Need

If you want to practice boxing workouts at your home, then you will have to get the following exercise equipment:

Boxing gloves
– Hand wraps
– Heavy bag
– Leather jump rope
– Mirror
– Medicine ball
– Pull up bar
– Round timer
– Speedbag

While doing these boxing workouts at home will definitely prove beneficial to you, you must do them sincerely and so do all the hard work they need. The best way to use these boxing drills is to try a licenced boxer’s assistance.

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