Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

The perfect place to wash away your troubles is a toilet. It may cover a small area of our homes, but it affects our lives greatly. And if you want to renovate the bathroom, consider that it will cost you more than renovating any other part of the house.

Why are Bathroom Renovation Projects Expensive?

Renovation projects in the bathroom are costly as they are labour-intensive and require skills. Tiles and fixtures are used for a lot of time. Additionally, if you choose to move a sink or bath, it will result in extensive plumbing construction and raise project costs.

So, consider the consequences of your decisions before you launch some work in the bathroom. Before contacting the bathroom renovation contractor, it’s best to mention your specifications. Consider your budget and then make a reasonable, money-saving option.

Bathroom Renovation

Questions to consider before undertaking a Bathroom Renovation Project on a Budget

• Will it be a DIY Job?

It can be called a DIY task to change a few faucets or remove a few light bulbs. However, if you are looking for a complete bathroom makeover, it is advisable to contact an experienced contractor for bathroom renovation. He will help you get relevant local government permits. This means you can avoid additional rework costs.

• Do you want to create a New Layout for the Bathroom?

It can cost you a lot of money if you want to add a new window to the bathroom, remove the bath or switch the lighting fixtures. This is because, according to the new layout, the contractor will have to remove the original fixtures and instal the plumbing system. If you have a limited budget, sticking to the original layout is advisable.

• Are you interested in changing the Tiles and Fixtures?

If the bathroom looks very old, don’t replace them because of the dirty bath and tub. You can choose the refinishing cost-effective option. It will erase the stains marking the bathroom’s elegance. If you are interested in changing the colour of countertops and bathroom, with a limited budget, a finishing job will achieve the goal.

You will need to replace them if the bathroom has old fixtures and broken tiles. Remember to keep money aside in such a situation because changing tiles and fixtures are activities that are labour intensive.

bathroom shelf

• Do you want to increase the Area of the Bathroom?

It is expensive to add space to the toilet, as the contractor will have to tear down the walls and build new ones. It may also require the government receiving a permit. So, just choose it if the bathroom area is severely restricted.

There are other ways to add bathroom space, such as installing wall cabinets, constructing custom cabinets underneath the sink, etc. A walk-in closet next to the bathroom can be installed and your things stored in the bedroom. Note that white walls and tiles are capable of creating an illusion of space.

It is necessary to enforce cost-cutting measures and save money if you are on a strict budget. Before making any decision, do your homework because construction errors are costly. Spend time understanding your needs. Do not hesitate to check with experienced contractors for bathroom renovation to find out if your suggestions are realistic. Note that undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be overwhelming, but it is a great stress reliever to be in control of your budget.


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