Blogging Noob Part 1

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Blogging Noob part 1

When I began writing this blog I thought it would be simple straightforward just write a couple of words about myself press publish and that was it ” oh how wrong was I? “

Believe me, blogging isn’t that easy

Writing a blog wasn’t as easy as it seemed there are so many different aspects to it. Each one you have to master if you want to have a successful blog

For a blog to be successful content has to be good, it’s got to be written in such a way that people come back for more, it’s got to be entertaining, it’s got to be thought-provoking and this is just writing the actual blog

On top of writing the blog, there is the technical side of things I’m not a stupid person I’m a computer technician amongst other things.

I’ve design websites before but when it comes to designing a blog you have to put a lot of thought into it some of the things I didn’t know anything about because it’s not my world

Setting up the blog cost me actual money to pay for web hosting, SSL certificate, email, domain name

I’m not gonna say it’s a lot of money because so far I’ve only spent about £200 but it does all add up and every time I try to do something I find that some of the software doesn’t do I want or I need a more sophisticated version of the software to actually perform the task that I want. Some I just pay for to make my tasks simpler

I initially started with WordPress it was a bit complicated so I switched from WordPress to web builder with Go Daddy but then found that it was very basic.

To gain ease of use you sacrificed the ability to be more creative Now I’ve switched back to WordPress and begun to dedicate more time learning the intricacies of the program. There are also a lot of plug-ins that you can get for WordPress that help to make some of the tasks simpler

Web Hosting

Having said that the learning curve is still pretty steep give you an example

Today I got the site looking how I wanted it to but there was a slight problem with an icon that disappeared for Pinterest and instead, it was showing the word Pinterest so I thought let me try to fix it went into the menus attempted to fix it now I have no social media links at all they just disappeared completely so it’s another thing that I’ve got to fix

I don’t mind going through all of this because I thrive on the pressure

At the moment I’m taking my time plodding on and seeing where I get so I’ve been designing the website bit by bit slowly getting things perfect or as perfect as I can and then learning more about how I could design it better how to implement it better

I didn’t realise that things such as keywords were important because keywords get you better search results on Google so using SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation you can get better results when people search for specific keywords on Google

I’ve learnt about Google Analytics which tells you who comes to your site, when they come to your site where they come from how often they come all this information is important when you’re building the website as it tells you where you’re going wrong, where you’re going right, what time and day to publish, what kind of content to publish, whether people are getting engaged by what you’re doing

I’ve learned about the affiliate market which is how to monetise your website, how to make something out of it

All of this is part of blogging

so basically at the moment, I’m paying out money which really I can’t afford but this is a way of recouping some of that money by advertising specific types of adverts on your site that you choose

So far the more I get into it the more I learn the deeper down a rabbit hole I go, I’m just like Alice I’ve begun to learn about tailwind which actually helps you to link to other people that are doing the same kind of thing and who will help to promote your site as you promote their site on tailwind tribe

It will also schedule posts and pins to Pinterest

I still haven’t worked out the ins and outs of everything

so what I’m going to attempt to do as best I can is to actually document my journey into blogging how it goes what’s happened to me what I’ve tried what’s gone wrong what’s actually works

As of today, I’ve actually had without trying with old content on my blog 143 visits in one week which to me is amazing.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you

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