Boxing – The Best Exercise For Obesity

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Boxing – The Best Exercise For Obesity

Looking for a fun way to work at home? One that gives a fantastic workout is safe and fun? Then boxing might be your sport. And it helps children build self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as strength and aerobic fitness. Best of all, to get started you don’t need a gym or even a garage. You can do it in an apartment upstairs!

Equipment: Boxing needs a very small amount of equipment. You might want to start with tennis shoes, shorts and a workout shirt. Then you can add more as you progress. More equipment will increase the variety of workouts, add more challenges and make it more fun. Most of the equipment is reasonable and used to save money can be found. Here are some of the things that you might want to look at.

1. Boxing Gloves. These can be obtained from the local sporting goods store. They range in price for a professional pair (not required) from $25 to $100. The weights typical are 12 and 16 oz. The 12 oz will be fine for younger children. Teens and older will find that when they hit the heavy bag, the 16 oz gloves can give them a little better workout and more protection. Be sure to purchase the ones with the velcro to make them easy.

2. MMA Gloves. Gloves of mixed martial arts are open to the fingers, making it easy to grasp. Children might like them because they look cool. You might want to consider them if you’re going to do a mixed exercise plus boxing workout. For heavy bag work, they’re not padded enough. Range of prices: $20 to $60.

3. Punching Mitts. If two are going to work together, these are for. If not, they will not be needed. They’re going to be hit by one partner, the other holding them to be hit. They’re fun to use and it’s always fun to work with a partner. Approximate $50 price.

4. Heavy bag: These typically weigh 30 to 100 lbs. There are three large bag questions. Two, it can be hard to hang them up and take up space. The second issue is that heavy hitting can result in injuries to the hand and wrist. When you want to get on, you should be trained by a boxing or martial artist on how to punch a heavy bag. Another problem is that they are banging around and can make a lot of noise. You don’t want to catch the bag at 2 am if you have neighbouring neighbours. About a price of $60 to $150.

5. Freestanding bags. To keep them in place, these bags use sand or water. These are less likely to cause injury and they are easier to hit. I found a lot of them to push around and not so strong to hit hard. Nevertheless, they would be ideal for light hitting or younger children. At $100 to $150, they are fairly reasonable.

6. Speed bags. Speed bags are hanging about the head height from a wall. We can make a lot of noise, like heavy bags, and rattle the walls. Another sort is called a double-end bag that is attached to the ceiling and floor. They don’t make the same amount of noise. Both are enjoyable and a great workout can be given. Price: depending on the platform from $60 to $300.

7. Jump rope. Boxers love using the rope of the jump. It produces power, coordination, and endurance. Many kids who are overweight, though, have the jump rope. They find it difficult and frustrating to use it. You may want to consider one after you or your child has lost enough weight. Range of prices: $10 to $50. My experience is that getting better ropes pays off. They’re spinning better and being easier to use.

So you got it there. All the equipment you need to start a fitness, weight loss, and fun boxing programme. You don’t really need anything, of course, so there is no excuse. Let’s start to box!

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