Caring For The Carers

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Caring For The Carers

Hi, I’m back again with the next episode. before I begin, I’ve just got to say, I’ve had to change the intro, something to do with copyright, even though I didn’t breach the copy. Right? But I’m just a bit wary about it, so I’ve changed it. I’m going to upload this song with a new intro, and hopefully, that one should be okay because all the music I use is royalty-free, but for some reason, they were saying there may be a copyright infringement anyway.

Today’s episode. I’m gonna title caring for the carers, and this is an issue that I’ve seen on the news. I’ve seen it online, and I’ve actually got a friend Holly bobs who works as a carer. Now. She’s been suffering from a lot of anxiety, depression, et cetera. She has a child. She’s been told that if.

Someone in the home catches Corvid or is diagnosed with corvid, then basically they’re going to be on a lockdown where they’d be locked into the home and they can’t leave. So that means it brings up other issues, like family issues.

Who’s gonna look after your child? How do you see your child? Then you’re worried about getting an infection and taking that back home to your family.

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So there’s a lot of different factors that are affecting her now. I don’t understand this, but you have the NHS who are given PPE. in some cases, they’ve not been given it properly yet. So there’s still a lack of PPE going around. But when it comes to carers. They basically don’t really get anything. So there is no protective clothing or hardly any protective clothing to the degree that they give to other branches of the NHS.

Now, I know they may not look at carers as partly NHS, but as far as I’m concerned, they are. They are people that are going out there doing a job, looking after other people’s parents who are not their parents, but other people’s parents. and doing a really good job. And that’s very difficult to expect someone to go into that environment and say to them, well, do you know what bug are you? You’re on your own. That doesn’t work.

And not only that, I read a newspaper article where they were saying that, well, if somebody in a care home gets, Coronavirus, then basically leave them in a care home. They’re on their own more or less. Now that can’t be right. These people have worked all their lives, contributed to society, and then it’s like as though, well, you got it, just leave them there and they’re not going to get the same level of care. So they’re probably gonna pop their clogs.

How is that? Right? That’s completely wrong. And it’s the same. As treating the carers that are caring for them, like cannon fodder. Do you know what I mean? You’re expendable. what happens to you makes absolutely no difference. Uh, someone needs to step up and someone needs to say, no, hold on.

These people are doing a really good job and these people need the same level of protection as everyone else.

And do you know what, as I’m recording this, the people across the way who is drilling on episode one and now knocking with a hammer, I don’t know what they’re making? I don’t know. Maybe they’re building a whole new house, but anyway, this is the end of the show.

It’s nearly coming up to three minutes. Cause as I said, I want to keep these brief and short and just make my point. But come on. Someone needs to care for the carers.

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