How to avoid injuries during yoga practise

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How to avoid injuries during yoga practice

The quality of your pose matters when you practise yoga, and the way you do it, more than the number of poses you make. We can prevent injuries by learning how to make the poses properly. Let’s list some of the keys do’s and don’ts.

· Everyone is different and so the bodies are unique, so we need to understand our body types and proceed accordingly whilst practising any pose.

· Having a professional and experienced instructor is very important, one who understands body types and helps to understand what is good for a person.

· Talk to your yoga instructor about any known illness or injury before you join any class so that he or she can recommend any modification so that no damage or injury occurs while doing the poses.

· Always be careful how your body feels every day, and do not extend beyond your limits.


· If you feel out of breath, pain or muscle strain, that means you’re pushing too hard, so take some time out and rest.

· If you’re new to yoga then you can start slowly and take it easy and be wise to miss some of the hard yoga asanas before you develop your endurance.

· If you have any injuries or problems, you need to understand which poses you need to avoid, such as headstands, shoulder stands or other poses that target your sensitive body parts.

Breath is a major part of yoga practise. So make sure you take deep and proper breathing while doing the asana yoga.


Everyone has various levels of strength, so don’t attempt postures that you’re not experienced at trying to prevent injury.

When performing various poses, always place a mat on the floor, as this will shield you from direct contact with the floor.

· Keep your eyes on your mat forever and stop trying to catch up with those around. Relax at your own speed.

· Warm-up is often required before any routine or type of exercise. Easy stretches help to relieve tension in our muscles.

· Never lock the hyper-extension joints just sweat them out.

Assume that nobody knows your body better than you do. Yoga is never to hurt.

The safe way to do yoga is to learn how to properly perform the poses and to understand and avoid overdoing the body limits. So much of that is not pleasant. Make sure to use these easy forms while doing yoga, to prevent injuries.

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