I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

My name is Steve Lewis and i have a dream

I used to be extremely fit

My background was bodybuilding, circuit training and I did martial arts for over 8 years

I used to be in the gym twice a day every day

I felt great the only medical problem I had was asthma, which I had since childhood

That all changed in 2000 when I had a heart attack at 40. It was totally unexpected

Following more test, they found I had diabetes, suffered from gastro reflux, sleep apnea, vestibular migraine and had a hiatus hernia.

I went into a depression which lasted 13 years. I didn’t leave the house except for hospital appointments

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6 years ago I thought I was going to die

I’d put on a lot of weight

I couldn’t walk more than 50 yards without fighting for breath

So I decided if I was going to die, I’d like to do it in the gym at-least trying to get back to a semblance of who I used to be

Going back to the gym was a struggle, not because of the training but because of the people who made you feel like you didn’t belong because of your size

That’s when I discovered a problem that really angered me.

A great many people need and want to go to the gym but for different reasons they cannot

Personal trainers charge a ridiculous amount

Many gyms are elitist and the clientele make some people feel uncomfortable

Many trainers don’t have the knowledge needed to train people with medical problems

I also hate the ridiculous charges that some trainers make

It’s not for the average person and I find that the people who really need it cannot afford it

So I decided to go on a personal trainer course

I passed

I then did my advanced personal trainer course

I passed

In a few weeks time, I have my exercise referrals course

Which will allow me to train people with medical problems

This is my goal because I understand what people have to go through when they have a medical problem

At this present moment in time, I train random people in the park for free

All of them are people who dislike the gym or cannot afford the gym

That leads me to my dream

I founded a site called www.slimnastic.com

Which covers fitness and motivation

At the moment I working towards buying a house to convert into a gym

Once that’s completed I will train people who need it for free

The way I figure it putting a gym in a house will solve the problem of people who dislike a gym environment

It will also make it one on one so no need to worry about the stigma of people watching them

When not using the gym to offset maintenance cost and running cost

I would rent the gym to personal trainers during the times I’m not using it

Also once qualified and registered with the NHS they would send me patients to train

That would provide income and still allow me to provide free training for those who need it

If the model proved successful I would then apply for charitable status and repeat the same formula again expanding the franchise

At the moment it is still a dream I am working towards most people do not get it. All they are focused on is how can I do it for free.

I’ve now started a campaign on Gofundme to try to get this project started and hopefully, this dream will become a reality

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