Introducing Steve

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Introducing Steve

Do you know, as soon as I stop recording, they stopped drilling. As soon as I start recording, they start drilling again.

Anyway, listen to me. This is my new podcast show is just going to be me chatting crap about what I think is the truth about certain situations that I see in the world. I should introduce myself.

My name’s Steve. I run a website called there’s a lot of intricate things about me and a lot of different things, which I’m going to tell you in this first podcast. So basically, as I said, my name is Steve. I’ve suffered from asthma since I was 30. And Oh, by the way, I should tell you this, I always say um and right.

So if I keep doing that a lot, it’s how I speak and I’m just going to record this how I speak. I’m going to try to not make the podcast be more than five minutes. So should just be a short thing where I just waffle about what’s annoying me in this world. Yeah. And what I think is the truth. Anyway, like I was saying, my name’s Steve.

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I’ve had asthma since I was 13. I used to be very, very fit. When I was 40, I had a heart attack, which was totally unexpected. Most people always say, Oh, why did you have a heart attack? It’s not important. I don’t know. Understand why people are worried about their own mortality.

As soon as someone says. I had a heart attack or I got heart problems. They start worrying about how frail their own mortality is. suffice to say, I had a heart attack after the heart attack. They did a test on me, found out I was diabetic. Now. I should have known that because I was drinking a lot of fluid, So it could have been that I was diabetic for a long time and that could have been part of the cause of me having a heart attack. Cause one of the side effects or effects that diabetes can have is to, create, heart problems

Anyway. As I was saying, heart attack, diabetes. Then they found that I had a problem with my stomach, which is Diverticular disease, which is not actually a disease.

Technically. What it is basically is that there are holes in my intestine that if I don’t take a lot of, but I get a cramp, in my stomach, similar to irritable bowel syndrome.

There’s also a hiatus hernia in my stomach, so my stomach protrudes, so I look a little bit fat. Yeah. I’m not going to operate on it because I’ve seen the results of someone having an operation and it’s terrible.

Oh, it looked bad. So what I do is I still just train as normal. I’ve got sleep apnea, I’ve got gastro reflux, and I’ve also got a condition called vestibular migraine. Were, basically my balance is crap. sometimes I get dizzy spells, like as if I’m gonna collapse or faint. There are certain exercises I’ve got to do to keep myself.

I also suffer from arthritis in my right knee.

I said about having a heart attack when I was 40. Well, I’m actually 59 now. Hopefully, I should get to 60, unless corvid gets me.

The other thing that I’m trying to do is to crowdfund, and that’s to create my own gym. I don’t actually agree with the way the state of health and fitness is at the moment.

I’m a qualified personal trainer. I’ve never charged anyone for money for training them. I train people in the park for free, or I used to before the corvid thing, I’ve got a YouTube channel where I’ll put myself on now. To show people what real people look like and how hard it is for someone like me with all my conditions to actually train and to get fit and encouraged people to try and do something.

I used to volunteer with Tottenham active and I used to try to get people to adopt a more active lifestyle. But anyway, getting back to the gym thing, what I’m actually trying to do is to create a gym. Turn it into a charity, train people for free if the model works, which in my head, the model actually does work.

If the model does actually work, then I’ll roll it out and make a series of them because we’ve got to fight obesity.

Obesity links to a lot of different diseases, so it links to diabetes, it links to dementia, it links to arthritis, it links to bad back. It links to heart problems. It links to high blood pressure.

So we’ve got to start doing something now to build a community or a society, which is stronger than what it is now. And in light of the Corvid thing that’s going on now, if you get yourself fit. Then you increase your immune system. So everything is important.

But anyway, as I said, I’m going to try and put in the links below the link to my website, my YouTube channel, and to my GoFund me. Please read the thing properly and read what I’m about on what I’m actually trying to accomplish now. I think I’ve said everything I needed to say. I’ve gone over my five minutes.

So this is the end of the first show. And hopefully, you’ll come back and listen to me when I rant and rave about all the things that are going on out there that I just think it’s so wrong. Don’t people stop and think, why are they just that stupid? Anyway, talk to you in the next episode.

True Dat

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