Pilates Basic Equipment

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Pilates Basic Equipment

Pilates classes were designed to increase concentration, relieve stress and tension from the mind and muscles and also enhance one ‘s life by cultivating balanced movement from a solid core through a simple exercise.

Originally in 1945 Joseph Pilates developed his method as mat exercises and used several pieces of apparatus to help people improve their inner and outer image by feeling great and looking great. Each piece of apparatus has its own collection of moves and exercises and focuses on certain parts of the body.

A Pilates studio uses a wide variety of equipment that is often used for resistance training that allows one to choose how hard they want to practise according to their level of fitness and strength.

A spring is used to apply the progressive resistance so that the further one stretches the spring the greater the resistance. In called the Reformer, the most widely used apparatus and is probably the most important. Pilates classes will also include equipment such as the Cadillac or Trapeze Table, High or Electric Chair, Wunda Chair, Baby Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector or Step Barrel, and Tiny Barrel.

All these devices come with specially designed exercises and routines that focus on certain aspects of the body that you would like to improve and strengthen. Other props such as small weighted balls, foam rollers, rotating discs, and resistance bands are used in contemporary Pilates.

As technology is evolving more and more equipment continues to change but Joseph Pilates’ basic concepts continue to stay the same. Today, however, there are two different types of Pilates, the Classical/Authentic Pilates, who try not to vary from Joseph Pilates’ original teachings and build their equipment in accordance with his exact specifications.

Training of classical instructors can also normally be traced back to either Joseph Pilates himself or one of his protegés. The Modern / Contemporary Pilates vary their exercises from lesson to lesson and use with the basic principles most modern equipment and exercises from around the world.

So if you’ve chosen Classical or Modern Pilates they ‘re both built to strengthen the body and mind to function more efficiently and effectively, through concentration, vitality and overall well-being.

Each Pilates studio has its own techniques, lessons, and apparatuses stored or often designed from Joe Pilates’ teachings by the instructors. Finding the right workouts and places to go is challenging today because the options are limitless in today’s life and we are offered studios and fitness routines from all over the world with odd apparatuses with names that put a smile on one’s face.

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