Pilates for The Older Person

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Pilates for The Older Person

Pilates is also advised by physiotherapists, chiropractors and orthopedists to improve strength and stability as well as muscle and postural symmetry. Special focus is placed on working to improve your flexibility and core strength during all Pilates classes as improved flexibility staves off the stiffness typically associated with the ageing body; whereas developing solid core muscles help protect your spine and avoid imbalances in movement of your body.

Pilates classes also include overall body conditioning that enhances functional fitness, improves posture and balance, develops bone density, and adds muscle mass-which in effect accelerates the overall metabolic rate.

It meets the fitness wish list of every person as they reach their 40s and step into their golden years. Here we offer four Pilates exercises to choose from as you opt for fitness and beauty in your 40s and 50s:

Crystal Cross

Lie behind your raised head with your hands on your back and pull your knees into your chest. Extend your right leg long and inhale as you twist your upper body to your left knee aiming at your right elbow. Actively raise from under your shoulder and twist from your hip to meet your knee and maintain the place while you fully exhale.

Turn sides when you inhale, taking your left elbow to your right knee now while sticking out the left leg before you. Keep your body side by side from rocking, and extend your elbow wide.

Twin leg stretch

Lie on your back in table-top position with your legs, and lift your head and upper spine off the mat. Exhale one hand on each knee as you bend your knees toward your chest. Inhale to raise your arms overhead and straighten your legs in opposite direction at the same time, keeping the trunk upright and the feet above eye level. Exhale again to put weapons to the sides from the top while drawing in the knees, hands on the knees (starting position).

Bridge with shoulder

Lay in a neutral position on your back, with knees bent and feet flat on the concrete. Their arms are spread down the sides. Inhale to lengthen your spine as you press down through your heels and raise your hips up. You must arrive with your elbows, hips and shoulders in one line at a bridge located on your back.

It’s supposed to work your abs and hamstrings well. Pause up the bridge to lift one leg from the mat. Straighten that lifted leg while pointing it to the ceiling. Exhale as you drop the straight leg towards the floor pointing to the opposite wall. Inhale while flexing your foot to kick the straight leg upwards. Before swapping legs and repeating the sequence with the other leg, bend the knee and put the foot on the floor (starting position).

Then Abdominal Elevator

Lie back by your hands with arms and legs extended out towards the ceiling, toes pointing. Force the muscles in the abdomen and exhale to raise the hips gradually a few inches straight off the mat as seen. To continue your inhale slowly lower. Do that with precision, and without the hips rocking.

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