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I can’t believe it. I’ve woke up this morning to put the news on and listened to them going on about PPE for medical professionals again, and I can’t actually believe it now. I’m not a politician. I’m not. I’m someone who does logistics or anything like that, but I have got common sense. common sense dictates that you cannot have people treating people without the correct gear.
Now, I heard someone say this morning, would you send a soldier into battle without the correct, protective wear that they wear, helmets, uniform, gun, et cetera? Would you send a fireman into a fire without the correct protective gear? Do you see what I mean? The logic of it is simple. All you needed to do.
Yeah. And this is me personally, my personal opinion sack the person who’s doing the logistics cause they’re doing it wrong. And then what you need to do, you need to work out how much stuff you’ve got coming in. Work out which hospitals don’t actually have enough protective wear, which hospitals are about to run short.
And then make sure they get their supply first and the hospital that already has a supply that has more than enough. You do them last. You also put into the equation your carers because care homes and carers should fall underneath the same auspicious as hospital workers. It’s no different. Even people that clean the hospitals should have protective wear because they potentially can catch it.
Now, I heard a doctor this morning and the doctor said, it’s not. Personal protective equipment is patient protective equipment because basically you’re protecting your patients. So if one patient has Corvid and you treat them in, you’re not wearing the correct gear, then you potentially can give it to another patient who’s not even in the hospital for Corvid.
So basically the gear that you’re wearing is to protect other patients and to protect yourself and to protect your family. So someone needs to step up. Stop all this government said this, he said this, she said that that needs to stop. They need to squash that completely. Now we’re actually in a situation, which to me is kind of ridiculous.
If there is no one who can actually work out where the stuff needs to go and where it should go. I mean, it’s basic logic. You just need someone. Like I said, who is going to say. This place is short. How many stock do you have? You need to get some supply urgently. You’ve got more than enough supply. You don’t need your stock so urgent, and that’s all you need to do.
And then once you build up enough in the supply chain, then it’s easy to actually keep it at that level. But someone actually has got to do something.
Now, I think these ministers just sit there earning money and saying. Oh, we need an exit strategy. We need this. We need to do this. But they’re not actually worried about the people on the frontline who are actually doing the work itself, who are actually putting their lives at risk.
the actual question is, can nurses and doctors refuse to treat patients if they’re not wearing the correct protective wear?
My answer to that is quite simple. Yes, they can because they are human beings. Yes, they have taken the Hippocratic oath, et cetera. but at the end of the day, if you’re not affording them that level of protection so that they can do their job, then they should be able to refuse to go into that situation.
Because not only are they a danger to the patient, but the patient is a danger to them. And then their intern a danger to other patients opinion. They should be able to refuse to go and treat people who have Coronavirus if they do not have the correct protective gear. And there’s no way to look at it in any other different way.
True. dat.

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