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yes. I’m back again with another show and another gripe. And this one, see, I don’t mind going for all this lockdown stuff with the corvid. And I know at the moment I’m talking mainly about corvid because that’s what’s in the news and that’s what most of the people are talking about. And that’s what most of the people are. Thinking about it a moment, I suppose, cause I basically talk about what’s in the news and what really kind of winds me up.
Now I don’t mind going through the lockdown. As I said, I don’t mind staying in my house. I don’t mind any of that kind of stuff. What I mind is when I am observed in lockdown and I’m trying to follow. All the rules that they’ve made to protect the people around me and to protect the other people out there who are putting their lives at risk so that I don’t get Coronavirus and then end up in the hospital where they have to treat me and put themselves at risk. But every single night I live on the road I live on is very quiet, right?
My local park is about. It’s about 50 yards away so I can just walk across the road. There’s the park every single night. There’s a group of people and you can hear them. They’re so loud just by the park Gates, maybe between 10 to 15 of them. Not observing any kind of social distance is not wearing any kind of face mask.
You hear them every single night really loud. How people have not complained and said, look, we need to get them moved on. I don’t know, but it’s really beginning to annoy me. The fact that they are there now. I heard, last week that the police were called and the police actually went to the park. And I think, I believe, I don’t know, cause I didn’t bother checking the ins and outs.

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But I believe the police actually moved them on, but I mean, they’re there every single night. Don’t they actually think about people who are risking their lives or anything? I mean, this lockdown thing, I said this in one of my shows, I said, this is, this is separate society cause it showed you the good in society and the people that are so caring that they go above and beyond like, the guy who did the war captain, can’t remember his name Moore, I think his name was he who did the walk. Yeah. the man is nearly a hundred. Well, he’s hit a hundred already now, but he did that walk to try to actually do something constructive. Now people like that, you have to applaud. Then on the flip side, you’ve got people who are so selfish, they do not care. Who they would harm. They do not care who would get it. They do not care about anything.
Now, I bet you these are the first people who are going to start shouting and screaming if they get it about how nothing was being done, how they need help now, et cetera. They just do not care. I mean, what is wrong with people?
See, that kind of stuff really annoys me because. If you’re just affecting yourself, fine, go ahead. Kill yourself. It’s your business. But if you’re affecting other people on this planet because you don’t live here by yourself, you live with other people. It’s the human race, not, not the single race. It’s the human race. All of us on this planet is responsible for this planet.
So your actions have a knock-on effect. What’s that? What’s that thing? each and every action has an opposite reaction. And that’s what it is. So basically you, their actions are gonna impact other people. If it wasn’t, I’d say, you know what? Crack on.
Do what you need to do. You want to stay out there, you want to catch it crack on. But that’s not the case. They’ll catch it going into a hospital, potentially infect other people around them. In fact, doctors or nurses or whoever. Do you know what I mean? It needs to stop. They need to, someone needs to do something.
And as far as I’m concerned, right. I mean, England in London, as far as I’m concerned to lockdown should have been harder. They should have hit them hard with a lockdown. So people, only the people who should be going out. They should do what they did in France where you have a piece of paper, you showed them the piece of paper that says you are going to get food or going to do something.
If you ain’t got that piece of paper, you ain’t going nowhere. So that will take all the drug dealers, all the crazy people that are on the street that would take them off the road, and that’s what they need to do. They need to lock down hard. Now I’m laughing now because I’m an extremist, right? And I would take it to an extreme level, right?
But I’m not even going to say what I’m thinking in my head because that’s just going to get me in trouble. But the fact is someone needs to do something, right? And. I don’t know. I’m just flabbergasted. Totally flabbergasted. Anyway, peace out.

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