The Best Keto Cookbook

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The Best Keto Cookbook

The KETO COOKBOOK Is a MUST HAVE— ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE — for all families, caregivers and related clinicians who need a thorough understanding of the Ketogenic Diet and are seeking help in preventing seizures in children with epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Co-authored by Dawn Martinez and Laura Cramp, RD, LD, CNSC, the Keto Cookbook is written with the same precision and specificity that is required by the very nature of the diet, representing both women’s knowledge, expertise and extensive experience.

Dawn is Charlotte’s mother, who has Dravet’s syndrome and who, after lengthy and ineffective attempts with anti-epileptic medications, reacted so positively to the Keto diet.

Laura is a dietitian specialist at The Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, not only consulting with patients and their families but also educating medical professionals and hospital staff on the intricacies of using the Ketogenic Diet to treat epilepsy and minimise seizures.

The misconception that this diet is disgusting, unpalatable, dull and unattractive is gone!

Beautifully illustrated recipes are testimony to this for 96 different delicious foods and snacks. Both recipes:-are accepted for Keto-give the calorie count-give the exact ingredients for a 4:1 ratio diet-are further defined with symbols denoting certain aspects of the recipe, e.g. “Fast,” “Vegetarian,” “Freeze well.”

The actual diet, though all-important, is just one of many things that families need to discuss and understand fully.

Other chapters covering all contingencies to make the Ketogenic Diet’s rigorous demands as manageable as possible include -storage of the pantry for emergencies presented to major emergencies such as power-outs, flooding, snowboarding, etc. by unanticipated calamities of the daily schedule.

Keeping an instant supply of snacks and frozen meals that can be quick…

Presentation of the kitchen by eliminating any temptations from the prying eyes-equipping the kitchen with the basics for the preparation of meals, cutting time without precision-sample letters to be delivered at airports, schools, hospitals etc. to improve the situation I highly recommend the “Keto Cookbook” because it would be difficult to match the combined knowledge in the world of Ketogenic diet.

The joy given to a family of a child suffering from uncontrollable seizures is hard to estimate when the Keto diet succeeds in reducing or eliminating seizures.

From watching helplessly as their child deteriorates gradually and falls behind developmentally, to seeing the success of the diet-the child re-emerging with their previously known parent, improving developmentally, increasing speech and other vital milestones is an overwhelming burden replaced with immense joy for those concerned.

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