The History Of Jump Rope

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The History Of Jump Rope


While many people on a playground equate jumping roping with youth, the fact is that the tradition of jumping rope goes back to early human history.

The sport has developed greatly from the earliest days of rope jumping to the present day and is now a competitive sport.

The practise dates back to ancient times, known as jumping rope, skipping rope, rope jumping, jump rope and skipping.

The Egyptians used to leap over trees, aborigines jumped over bamboo, and mediaeval paintings show pictures of kids jumping hoops.

Most people associate jumping with the play of children, but history shows that jumping roping was the game of a man originally.

Nobody knows the exact history of the jump rope. There are several versions of the history of the sport. However, what is known is that the practice started a long time ago and eventually travelled all over the world to become a popular pastime, a favourite form of exercise, and a competitive sport.

The Early Days The jumping action is normal. People are jumping for recreation, entertainment, and even safety, including jumping out of the way to avoid a dangerous animal bite.

Some scholars in the history of jumping rope seem to believe that jumping roping dates back to around 1600 B.C. when Egyptians used jumping vines.

Some date jumping to ancient China as well; however, the Western versions were possibly from Egypt. What is known is that jumping roping spread across Europe to the Netherlands, and finally to North America, in some way or another.

Jumping Games Early Dutch settlers were among North America’s first jump ropers. Not surprisingly,’ Double Dutch’ is one of the most popular jumping games.

Two people hold two ropes in this game and spin them in opposite directions. Then the jumpers jump into and over the two ropes.

Many kids in inner cities used jumping rope as a form of play in the early 1940s and 1950s. It only included a rope and could be played by anyone. However, jumping rope history took a back seat to radio and television from the late 1950s to the 1970s.

A growing interest in physical fitness and overall health arose in the 1970s. From programmes promoting jump rope to keeping kids out of other unhealthy activities to organised jump roping events, the history of jump rope becomes a jump rope craze.

Jumping has been recognised as a great way to get exercise since that time. It’s a fun activity, it can be done by almost anyone, and very little equipment is needed.

A variety of complex jumping movements and combinations have been established by serious jumpers.

Including individual jumping to multi-person Double Dutch jumping, all forms of jumping include highly technical movements and spectacular stunts.

You can find nearly anywhere jump roping organisations and clubs. Jump rope racing is a serious business that requires specific timing and a high level of skill.

Jumping rope history may be a thing of the past with the continuing interest in jumping as an exercise choice and as a sport.


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