The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

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The Most Bike-Friendly Cities

Biking is certainly a great way to remain active, with many research showing the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of cycling. According to a study, for each kilometre cycled, the society enjoys a net profit of 23 cents and the society suffers a net loss of 16 cents per kilometre driven by car.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Denmark’s beautiful city is often considered the world’s most bike-friendly city. Children are taught to ride a bike before they are old enough to go to school for nearly half of all Copenhageners to work by bike and the city now has a Cycle Super Highway that connects the city to Albertslund with plenty of facilities along the way, such as safer intersection, air pumps and traffic lights timed to average cycling speed to minimise stoppage.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Without taking a bike spin, you can’t explore Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s flat streets are often filled with bicycles; local people use them to go to work, drop kids at school and cart around grocery stores. There are more than 800,000 bicycles in the city and there are plenty of places to rent for tourists.

Portland, Oregon:

The Portland Transportation Bureau is making improvements to help citizens get around safely on two wheels. Portland’s public bike rental programme is one of the world’s greenest. It also provides other services such as cycling lessons, bike lockers and etiquette guides.

Montreal, Canada

Canada’s beautiful city has an incredible 600 kilometres of cycling trails. Montreal hosts a bike festival each year, inviting bikers of all ages to take a tour of the city.

Boulder, Colorado:

Cycling is a popular way to get around in Boulder, with its 300-mile bike paths spanning street bike lanes, designated cycle paths, counterflow cycle paths, multi-use paths and soft-surface paths. The city also has a cycle registration programme to help protect against stolen bicycles.

Tokyo, Japan:

Approximately 14 per cent of all commuters in the city are cyclists; it is impressive given how big and dense the city is. riders can take advantage of lots of cycle trails and cycling tours. Japan is known for making bicycles that are beautifully built.

Strasbourg, France:

The city of France, Strasbourg is a great place to ride a cycle, nearly 8 per cent of the population of Strasbourg is riding a cycle, but the city is working hard to get the number up.

Paris, France:

Bikeways have started to pop up all over Paris since the introduction of the cycle-sharing programme in 2007. Paris is a great place to ride a cycle, flat roads, slow traffic, and conscientious drivers.

Berlin, Germany:

The 900 kilometres of cycling paths make it easy to travel without having to worry about traffic.

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