The Pros And Cons Of Blogging

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The Pros And Cons Of Blogging

The “revolution of blogging”…

How many times did you hear this? I will call it an “invasion posting.” It looks like anyone, no matter how novice on the Internet, can master blogging: there’s no need to know HTML and it’s free. They’re the first’ pros’ But are they “profits” really?

Let’s see: if anyone can master a blog, it means anyone can have a blog and write whatever he or she has in mind: a dream, a recipe, a funny storey about a cat, a poem, a diary, a sleazy comment on someone else, porn, hateful remarks and more.

Yeah, it’s a land of democracy! But, because there are so many bloggers out there, the finding of quality blogs is rather difficult.

If you’re running an online business and you’re trying to use blogging to promote your products and services, blogging will certainly be beneficial.

Through consistently providing useful information, blogging can help you build stronger relationships and loyalty with your clients.

A newsletter has the same effect but the search engines won’t index it unless you create an online “newsletter archive.” Blogs are different: Everyday search engines scan them.

That means you’re reaching a much larger audience than you would expect and nobody can accuse you of spamming.

Another advantage is that you will have a free opportunity to get feedback and see how the readers react to your products, prices, etc. by allowing comments on your blog. In addition: A professional blog will allow you to view your company as trustworthy and experienced.

Now to the “cons”:

Web Hosting

as already described, because many people have nothing worth saying about, and since they’re writing it anyway, it’s hard to find decent blogs. It’s also hard to find the right blogger for business forums, who can write comprehensible text that appeals to the public and call for action.

Blogs are easy to start and difficult to maintain. You think it is a free marketing and advertising tool, but did you take your time into consideration?

Reading is a laborious task. If you don’t update your profile, you will lose good credibility points from your organisation.

Would you hire a professional writer for your organisation’s blog? Most entrepreneurs do so online. This is a good investment in the long term: you’ll have time to look after other aspects of your company.

A good publishing strategy will help build a professional reputation for your organisation, which will attract more and more clients.

The real money comes in words: the more you blog, the more traffic you get. The more traffic, the greater the chances of doing a sale.

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