The Push-up and Jump Rope Workout

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The Push-up and Jump Rope Workout


Many people use a few different ways in today’s society to get themselves into what they call form. In reality, most people don’t really know what it means to get fit. Getting fit doesn’t drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill than making some curls in hopes of getting bigger arms to impress the women.

Being fit means being able to respond when your body is called. If you look around, in the name of fitness, you will find people jogging up and down the streets. Jogging takes a lot of time and I don’t think it’s anything but making you a jogger.

I can only give you two exercises that would bring massive benefits to the overall development of the body if done, as well as build a lean attacking body type and lower body fat.

The problem is jogging for people because it’s the easy way out. It never works the easy way out. You’ll be surprised by the two exercises I want to tell you about, and the results will come really fast but at an expense. It’s sweat, the price.

Each exercise is in its own right a king of exercises, but together they form a combination of killers.

Jump rope and pushups are a mix that in just a couple of minutes will have the strongest man or woman in a pool of sweat. Combined or alone, both of these exercises are enough to bring you into great shape without ever leaving your home.

For decades, great athletes used both the pushup and the jump rope. But with the media, the fundamentals for more complex glamour style pretty boy workouts focusing on the six pack of abs have been thrown aside.

A quick short workout with a jump rope and pushups will bring you back to simpler times, times when people worked out not just to look good, but to get into shape.

These workouts will target almost the entire body and you will become more competitive, leaner and more powerful with just two exercises and the pace of the results than using the standard health club training routine put together by some trainer who hasn’t received the sweat yet. Remember that the results are achieved by the easy and hard work.

The workout: Jump rope 100 times as fast as possible, then drop down as fast as possible for 25 pushups. You’re going to repeat this back and fourth with no rest for 10 rounds, which means you’re going to end up with 1000 jumping rope and 250 pushups. See how many loops you can do on this series, or how many times.


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