The Rise Of The Trolls

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The rise of the trolls

The advent of the internet has been both a blessing and a curse

A blessing because of the technological and educational benefits it has brought about.

The ability to share information fast or as a pure research tool

Google has come to my aid many a time And helped maintain my know it all facade

Why a curse you may ask?

A curse because of illegal activities that it has made easier

Phishing, fraud, identity theft and trolling

Trolling is my main point today

The internet has brought great scientific progress and at the same time showing the worst of humanity

We as human beings have an unequalled need to criticise each other.


We don’t just critique we attempt to destroy our fellow human being

We use methods that make us seem more primitive than any other mammal on the planet

The need for the cruel inhumane treatment of some of the weak and vulnerable members of society beggars belief

To troll or not to troll

I’m talking about “Trolls and Trolling

Cruelty is the order of the day

Speaking without care or remorse

Not bothered by the damage it can do

Does anyone stop to consider the implications of their actions

What’s the line “ the pen is mightier than the sword “

Many people don’t even give that a second thought

Whether it is typed, whether it is spoken, whether it is conveyed as a look

It’s still just as hurtful and offensive

Being different is now treated as some kind of crime

Your fat

Your foreign

You’re disabled

You’re gay

The person saying it is given celebrity status by his peers

Trolls feed off the notoriety

There are no real penalties

Yes in some cases they can be taken to court for defamation

That would be great if a true sentence was given for the crime and if everyone had access to the legal system

Here in the UK, you could get a sentence of 2 years or more

What good is that to someone who has taken their own life due to trolling

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: “The internet’s not an anonymous place where people can post without any consequences. People should think about their own conduct “

“If you are grossly abusive to people, if you are bullying or harassing people online, then we will prosecute in the same way as if you did it offline.”

However, Ms Saunders said context will be an important factor in decisions – for example, “if you’re offensive, the legislation would say you have to be grossly offensive, and that’s quite a high test”.

Read the statement carefully

“ the context is an important factor “

“You have to be grossly offensive”

And it would be quite a “high test “

So who decides how offensive or grossly offensive a statement is

What is the criteria set for the test

And who sets all of those markers

Here’s the thing

Personally in my opinion

You would think that over the centuries we would have grown as a species

Somehow we seem to be taking steps backwards

Is the internet the real cause

Could the advent of social media be the cause

Or have people just been naturally nasty but didn’t have a platform for it to go public

Dial-up days

I’m a tech geek, I’m a qualified computer tech

I’ve been around since the days of Compuserve and AOL

When dial-up was the only way to access the net

Back in those days, D.O.S ruled the work

Then there were chat rooms online

I can hear a few millennial scratching their heads

I don’t even think Mark Zuckerberg was born then

Even back then I’d always had a theory about the internet

The internet is a place where a great many people try to reinvent themselves

If they are quiet, withdrawn and a social wallflower

Being behind a keyboard can make them the life and soul of the party

We all know it’s a false belief

They believe anonymity gives them the ability to say, do or behave as they please

Hence the rise of the “troll”

I’ll give an example of someone ( I may or not know )

They needed to lose weight they suffered from anxiety depression and self-esteem issues

They finally plucked up the courage to join a gym

While they were there someone took photos of her and put them on social media

With the most obscene comments, you could imagine


So tell me how is there not a punishment for this?

How is it that it’s ok for someone to behave in such a way with impunity?

Governments are to busy policing us for the ridiculous things

Then the things that affect people’s lives

we live in a world where sadly the rise of trolls will continue as we as a society have lost that sense of empathy for each other

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