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I was always into sport as a child/teenager.

My parents signed me up for fencing in primary school. I enjoyed it, but never had big achievements. One day, on the way to the sports club my (twin) sister and I were stopped by a group of teenagers and robbed. Nothing happened but we lost some money. After that accident, our dad decided to sign us for martial arts to learn self-defence.


For the next 5 years, I was a part of a judo club. Lots of memories: wonderful people and friends but also taking part in competitions and achieving medals which I’m proud of till today.


Here in London, I was regularly playing tennis with my husband.


Then everything has changed – I became a mum for the 1st time, 2nd and 3rd:) yes I’m a mum of three.


Being pregnant and losing post-pregnancy weight wasn’t easy. After my 3rd child, I joined the gym.

I was training 4 times a week – Zumba and HIIT sessions.

During 6 months I lost 7kg (15.432 pounds) and gained so much confidence, I became a new woman. I met the most amazing and inspiring woman at the gym, thanks to whom I achieved so much – my very best friend Ariane.


Unfortunately, her training was stopped and I couldn’t find motivation anymore and signed out of the gym. I had a month of a break to think about what to do next.


Then with a New Year 2020 and New year’s resolutions, I thought I want to be a runner. The longest distance I have ever done was to the bus stop to catch a bus but I was aiming high and I wanted to run a marathon (haha wasn’t aware what does it actually mean).


My friend Ariane was my running buddy.

She rang my doorbell and stood there with a box of new running trainers for me!

First run was a mix of jog and walk – we did 6.5 km in 53 minutes. I did enjoy it!

We were running three times a week before the school run at 6am. I had to wake up at 5.20 in the morning in complete darkness and miserable cold weather.

The running woman


What’s more, we enjoyed it so much, we did 100 km in the first month. I loved our talking, I loved the freedom running gives you, sense of achievement and fulfilment, those endorphins and adrenaline.

We were doing about 8-10 km each time.


February brought worse weather so we did around 75km.

Then in March – lockdown, separation, no more running…

In April I started to run solo and did 45km.

I was running mostly on my own. Then I received a sports buggy from an amazing parent on FB group completely for free so I could start running with my youngest 2 years old son.


My friend introduced me to a Running Woman UK which is a community of amazing, inspiring woman who’s passion is running.

It gave me a big kick – I signed up for a challenge to run 75k in May and ended up anyway doing my first solo 100km. With each challenge,

I received a medal (got a few of them already – my little incentives). I love to look at my medal collection on the wall – all my sweat, my energy, my dedication and strong will is there!

I am running at least 5km each time, but feel good at 10 km as well. The longest run was 15 km.

I had a moment of doubt in September, I went out just a few times for a run but this month I feel the power again.


Running is my freedom, my time off from being a mum, is just me and my weaknesses and sometimes it’s just so hard to put those running shoes on but as my friend says – you can slow down, but don’t stop!


I’m doing it to inspire other mums, for my kids, to be healthy, to be a role model for them and most of all for my husband who’s fighting obesity but that’s another long story.


Just run, don’t compare yourself to others, run the pace you’re comfortable with and then with time you’ll do faster and longer. Let your legs take you for the most amazing and rewarding experience, giving your better mood, stamina, improving your fitness level and supporting your weight.

“The best thing in life are free”



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  • October 25, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    Veryyyy Nice ! High 5 !


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