Top 4 Amazing Cardio Exercises

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Top 4 Amazing Cardio Exercises

Cardio health is extremely important with the lifestyle we live now

The human body is a complex system consisting of other things of organs, bones, muscles, blood, hormones, and nails. You need to feed and breathe to get the body to work. Oxygen allows the blood to oxygenate while food nourishes the muscles and body cells that allow the body to grow and develop.

The heart and lungs are vital organs, as they are at the core of the above operations, pumping oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood into and out of the body, as well as breathing in and out of clean, filtered air.

Today, people are spending far too much time with them, thanks to smart devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. It’s no surprise to find people sleeping next to them with those gadgets so they don’t miss a friend’s or loved one’s update, tweet or WhatsApp message.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle impacts negatively on the body. You need to participate in aerobic activities to improve one’s cardiovascular health.


A swimming pool is just a spot for many people to throw a party at and invite a few friends. It’s a place to sleep on the deck chair for others, and let the skin absorb the sun’s rays while you sip your favourite drink.

Swimming is a great workout because it requires growing limbs and muscles while going through the water. For starters, you need to make motions with your arms, neck and legs when you’re breaststroke. The exercise helps make pumping blood quicker in the heart while the lungs take in clean air and remove polluted air.

Next time you have a chance to stand by a pool; don’t look at it as a huge pond but as a path to improved health.


Walking is one of the most underrated forms of cardio yet one of the easiest to perfom

The best thing about walking is being able to transform it into a fun activity. When you need to work out, you don’t have to walk around the park or the neighbourhood. In the mountains, the hills and forests are perfect places for hiking. As you walk, you get to move different joints like the knees, elbows, and shoulders which improve lubrication.

We will not only provide nourishment from oxygenated blood for the muscles around the legs, hips, arms and back but will also receive the much-needed exercise. You will be able to exercise your legs and your entire body, and experience nature at its finest.


You stimulate your heart and lungs just as swimming and cycling do when you exercise. The lungs are quick to take in oxygen and dissipate used air. This is achieved to provide oxygenated blood to the heart, as the body cells burn energy at a high rate. Running is an outdoor aerobic workout and the best thing about it is being able to push the body up to the highest limits. For starters, you can start jogging a mile in a day and in no time; you’ll have the ability to take part in a marathon.


As you spin, you help to spring up metabolism that helps the body to burn calories that in effect fuel the muscle cells. Cycling is a great form of cardio it gives you the ability to stimulate your knees, back, elbows, shoulders and wrists. Your heart and lungs will benefit from the oxygen produced, as well as the energy that helps to power the organs.

Final Thoughts

What you need to remember is that while aerobic workouts help strengthen your heart and lungs, you still need to rest. You should work out from Monday through Friday but set for resting on Saturday and Sunday.

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