Top Tips On Car Rentals

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Top Tips On Car Rentals

Ready to rent your next trip with a car? Once you book your next car, follow these top 10 tips on car rental. These tips will help you to save money.

Top 10 Tips On Car Rentals

1. Do you really need transportation?

Planning to stay on a beach? Once you get to the resort, do you need a car? You might be better off getting resort transportation than renting a car.

2. Rent the vehicle only on days it’s needed

If you’re just planning to drive out of town for a day, reserve the car for the day instead of the whole holiday. If you’re staying in the area, you can usually rent a car for your entire stay from hotels for the day rather than from the airport.

3. Rent off the airport property

Renting a car in the city is usually much cheaper than the airport. There are additional charges at the airport that can be avoided by renting a car in town. Consult with the area’s hotels to find out where to pick up the day’s ride. If at the end of your journey you rent the car, plan to return it at the airport, saving a travel charge to return to the airport.

4. Rent for a day trip and return it after hours

If you plan a day trip, pick up the car from a city hotel. Return the car after hours and stop renting the second day as long as it returns before the next day’s opening. You will also avoid paying parking fees overnight. Rent a car in the morning and pick up your receipt or send it to you by email.

5. Search the web for coupons

Determine the car company you are planning to use, then look for coupons and discounts for the rental company. You usually only need the code. Add it to your car rental once you have it. Usually, weekly rental car coupons can save you $25.00-$ 30.00. On a weekly car rental, that’s quite a discount.

6. Stay over a Saturday night

For a Saturday night stay over, car rentals also discount the cost. Some coupons operate only when staying over on a Saturday night. If you’re going to rent a car from Sunday to Saturday, from Saturday to Friday you may have a much better deal rent.

7. Rent a smaller vehicle and request a free upgrade

Rent an economy or a compact car and they’ll always tell you that they’ve just upgraded you to a bigger car. Rental car companies tend to have the larger vehicles overflow and will usually upgrade you at no extra cost. Check with them to see if a free upgrade will be given to you.

8. Don’t opt for them to refill your gas

Also, select the option to carry the gas-filled car back. If you choose to fill the gas tank for you with the car rental company, you’re paying for a full tank, no matter how much you’ve used it. The tank doesn’t register on zero most of the time when you drive into the rental car to get the car back.

9. Check with your insurance company for coverage

If you have car insurance now, it is likely to cover car rentals. Check your car insurance and find out what your allowance for renting a car is. If you’re already protected, this could save you a bunch.

10. Check with your credit card company for coverage

Most of the major credit cards have insurance for car rental. Read the fine print as some say the booking and payment with the same credit card must be made.

There are so many ways in which rentals can save money. Try renting a car at the start or end of your ride, so you can reduce transportation costs to or from the airport. Schedule your day trip at the start or end of your vacation needing a car to avoid keeping the vehicle for the entire holiday.

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