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Yes. I’m back with episode number four and I’m using some new software. See, the thing with me is when I start doing something, I actually get carried away. Because I’m a bit OCD, so I started researching more about podcasts, how to do podcasts, different programs. Everything’s just cost money. So basically, I’m now using this software called Hindenburg journalist to actually do my recording, et cetera.
It’s, it’s meant to be very simple. But there is like a learning curve, some still kind of ironing out the bugs.
Anyway, before I begin, I want you to remember to check out my website, go to the about section. Read what I’m all about. Read what I’m trying to do in crowdfunding, that I’m doing.
And then, If you want to donate, that’s entirely up to you. But that’s what I aim to do. That’s what I want to do. I’m all about helping people and trying to, make the world better in the long term. Okay. Anyway, today’s podcast is about masks cause I hear a lot of people talking about mass. You should be wearing masks.
The mayor of London says everyone should be wearing masks. Now when I speak, not medically trained, this is my own opinion. I’ve been wearing masks for years now because of my asthma and because of the pollution levels in London. I live next to the Tottenham football ground. When they started building that, my asthma got progressively worse with the number of lorries going through the area with the amount of, fumes by the lorries, with the amount of dust being kicked up by the building development. So my asthma got really bad and I ended up buying Dyson’s air purifier.

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So basically, I’ve always been wearing masks. And I’ve noticed that I can actually taste diesel in the air when I go out. And if I go out during the daytime and I don’t have my mask on, when I come back in in the evening, I actually suffer cause I’m coughing, I have coughing and fits, et cetera.
So I always wear a mask. Now getting onto the subject or should you wear a mask during the Coronavirus outbreak? My opinion, yes. Now. According to what the medical people are saying, the mask doesn’t actually protect you. Right. The mask. Will not stop someone sneezing and enter in through your eyes, your tear docks or whatever for the virus to get into you.
some people I see they’re wearing the mask wrong anyway cause they’ve got their nose out. So if someone was to sneeze or cough, you’re going to take it in through your nose so it’s not going to stop you getting infected. Here’s what the mass will do. If you do have a mask on and you are infected with Coronavirus, there’s a better chance.
That when you cough or sneeze, it’s not going to go anywhere, so you’re not spreading it to other people. So in theory, if everybody was wearing a mask, then basically it would be protecting other people. if you did have the virus, so in my opinion, it’d be better if everyone wore masks.
Especially like when you go into a shop, like, come on, I’ve been out and I’ve seen people sneeze in their hand. Touch fruit produces or things on the shelf and then put them back and then someone else is going to come along and pick that up, but that in their basket and go home with them. Come on. Or I’ve seen people sneeze on the bus. They don’t even cover their nose. You’re in an enclosed space where they’ve sneezed. and. Spread that around in the bus. There’s no ventilation, so no matter what you’re breathing in, whatever they’ve got. So for me, it’s a no brainer. Yeah. If you’ve got the mask on, you’re helping to protect other people.
Yes. I know sometimes you put a mask on they’re very uncomfortable because sometimes you can’t breathe properly. sometimes you’re sweating quite a lot. Sometimes the mask will start to slip and you’re attempted to put your hand on it and to move it up. What I do in that case is I generally sanitize my hands. And then readjust my mask. If I go on a bus, I know to touch the poles, sanitize my hands when I get off the bus.
So you can still wear the mask, just carry your hand sanitizers with you. But remember, you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting other people as well. And this is what this virus thing is all about. It’s about trying to defend the people who are weak, the people who are susceptible, trying to do your bit to stop the spread.
If we can stop the spread, then we can all go back out in the sunshine. True Dat

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