You Are the Dark Matter of Positivism!

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You Are the Dark Matter of Positivism!

You Are the Dark Matter of Positivism!

“Can you keep a secret?

You know the space between you and all things, the void. Like right now, the space between you and your computer.

That’s where I hide… and watch.

Looking to see what your expectations are: of yourself, others, abundance, health, and happiness.

And from this space, as I catch your thoughts, hear your words, and see all you do, no matter where we are, I manifest the next moment in time.

Fade out with “I believe in miracles, you sexy thing” by Hot Chocolate –

The Universe”

When you look up at the stars in the sky, you find dark material between the stars, between the white dot that lightens the night sky. What could this be? Do we see the distance between the stars that is hidden by black material just because it’s night? Clearly, it can be hard to notice during the day.

What you see is what we call DARK MATTER between stars, planets and galaxies. Why do we find it dark? Well, that’s because scientists still haven’t figured out what Dark Matter’s material/composition is. What and how in our Galaxy are planets floating?

On the one side, in our Milky Way Galaxy, we have Dark Matter that keeps stars and planets afloat and holds them where they are meant to be but somehow, OUTSIDE of our galaxy, we have Dark Energy that is identical to Dark Matter, but instead of keeping galaxies floating in our Universe, it drives them away at lightning speed from each other.

Others claim that we are about to undergo a Big Crunch, where everything we see will go back to its original point of singularity, where energy will be highly concentrated in a pea size ball and then again create the Big Bang explosion.

Others, however, disagree with this Big Crunch theory, as Dark Energy is now part of the quantum theory equation. IF Dark Energy pushes galaxies away from one another, does that mean the Universe is always expanding right? That’s just the logic.

So how do scientists come up with this Big Crunch theory? Since the Hubble telescope can ONLY see all the way back to the beginning of time, when the Big Bang happened 13.1 billion years ago, it is hard to assume that this actual Big Bang event is a repeat of an alternative universe that occurred as a result of a Big Crunch and created the universe that we see today.

The point of this thesis is that the matter between our thoughts and actions is the essence of how we work on a daily basis, how we see life, how we appreciate the things we already have.

While remaining positive, regardless of how things happen in our lives, we will concentrate on being thankful and thanking the Almighty for all we can see and appreciate.

Every thought you create, every word you say, everything you see can and will manifest in your future so that you begin to think positively. Do you have problems?

All of us do it, so get to work and fix it. The more you keep the negative energy from within, the more negative results you will experience. The opposite is true as well, so keep smiling, keep moving forward and walk up to your head. There are no other ways to do this.


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